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A personal trainer on a mission to assist and empower people of all shapes and sizes to become the best version of themselves. I aim to do this through creating a positive mind-set and empowering others to have a positive body image. Your mind is always two steps ahead of your body.

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About Asad Boomgaard

Personal Trainer

Asad comes from a large sporting background, soccer, cricket, rugby and many more. After ending his sport career he fell in love with training and pushing the body to new found limits.

His Aim is to assist athletes in any sport to become the strongest and best versions of themselves. He completed his personal training and teachers Degree, in order to assist young athletes and sport teams.

He specializes in sport Specific training, Muscle Gain, Psychometric, Strength and Agility.

Asad Boomgaard
Asad Boomgaard on holiday
Online workout
Asad Boomgaard with client
Asad Boomgaard push up

Online Coaching

With our personalized training plans we offer a 3, 6 and 12 month period of personalized training and diet plan. This includes program updates, weekly progress tracking, 24/7 online support.

Youth Academy

Investing in our Youth! We believe that if we want the next generation to be the best they can be then it should start at the Fundamental Stage as children are growing up.

Digital Packages

All packages include personalized eating plans as well as taylormade workouts to fit your needs.All plans include access to tracking apps to track your progress and where you are headed!