Youth Academy Program

R250.00 / month

The youth academy has been designed to give kids endless amounts of resources for workouts that fit anyone’s goals. Kids need to combine different aspects of fitness in order to become a well rounded healthy and active kid.


Workouts and programs from sports specific to bodyweight to HIIT style workouts to Core work and Even stretching.



The Youth Academy Program caters for all kids looking to get fitter, healthier, gain more confidence, and become the best possible athlete all at a great and affordable monthly price.

Workouts, programs and Nutritional advice will be updated on a regular basis to keep giving kids the best possible knowledge about being active and living a healthy lifestyle.

The Youth Academy membership site has a private Facebook group to keep in contact and bring the social aspect to kids who can communicate with other active kids and get a shared experience while on their own fitness journey.

What the Youth Academy Offers:

  • over 50+ workouts
  • Stretching routines
  • Nutritional advice
  • Access to workout and nutritional videos
  • Link to private Facebook Group

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